West’s response to Ukraine war exposes ‘double standards’: Amnesty

Last year, “successive Israeli governments rolled out measures forcing more Palestinians from their homes, expanding illegal settlements, and legalising existing settlements and outposts across the occupied West Bank”, Amnesty said.

But despite this – and Israeli forces killing Palestinians in the occupied West Bank – Western nations failed to demand an end to that “system of oppression”, it said.


In Saudi Arabia, human rights activists continued to languish in prison, people were jailed for their opinions after “grossly unfair trials”, 81 men were put to death in a single day, and migrants died in custody.

In Egypt, the group said, thousands of human rights defenders, journalists, protesters and alleged dissidents lingered behind bars, and “torture remained rampant”.

Although European countries welcomed Ukrainian refugees, they did not show the same kindness to people fleeing fighting in Syria, Afghanistan and Libya, Amnesty said.

The United States also welcomed Ukrainians, “yet under policies and practices rooted in anti-Black racism, it expelled more than 25,000 Haitians between September 2021 and May 2022, and subjected many to torture and other ill-treatment”, the group said.

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