Thai election to be a close race between parties, surveys show

BANGKOK: Thailand’s May election is expected to be a tight race, as the main opposition party dominates latest opinion polls but lags the ruling coalition parties’ combined support.

The May 14 general election will be another fierce battle between parties aligned with the military-backed establishment, led by Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, 69, and the billionaire Shinawatra family-backed Pheu Thai party, this time led by Paetongtarn, the 36-year-old daughter and niece of two ex-premiers.

Pheu Thai in its previous incarnations has won every election since 2001, but its governments have been unseated through judicial rulings or military coups.

Parties will vie for parliamentary seats on May 14 and newly elected members of parliament and the appointed senate are expected to decide on a prime minister by the end of July.

The Pheu Thai party was backed by 37 per cent of respondents in a survey by Super Poll at the weekend, making it the most successful single party, while support for the four main parties in the coalition government and their allies stood at just over half.

A survey by Suan Dusit Poll showed Pheu Thai ahead with 46 per cent support and 35 per cent for the four main ruling parties.

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