Revised Tuas Checkpoint toll charges from Mar 31

LTA said it is revising the toll charges to match Malaysia’s recent revision of toll charges at Tanjung Kupang Toll Plaza.

“This adjustment is in line with Singapore’s long-standing policy of matching Malaysia’s toll rates,” said LTA.

Malaysia highway operator PLUS said last month that it would remove the off-peak discount from Mar 1 for vehicles going through Tanjung Kupang Toll Plaza.

Off-peak hour toll charges were introduced in 2018 to encourage people to use the Second Link during quieter hours. But five years after its implementation, there has been no significant increase in traffic during off-peak hours at Tanjung Kupang Toll Plaza, said PLUS.

The current toll rates are RM6.14 (S$1.84) for cars, RM4.67 for taxis, RM7.45 for buses, as well as  RM17.10 and RM34.30 for commercial vehicles, depending on size.

LTA reminded drivers to have sufficient value in their stored value cards before entering immigration booths at Tuas Checkpoint.

Drivers of foreign-registered vehicles must also have LTA’s Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) approval email and a valid Autopass card before entry to Singapore.

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