Planets on parade: 5 will be lined up in the night sky this week

NEW YORK: Keep an eye to the sky this week for a chance to see a planetary hangout.

Five planets – Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Uranus and Venus – will line up near the moon.


According to Vito Technology, the developer behind astronomy app Star Walk, Tuesday (Mar 28) will be the best day to catch the whole group.

You will want to look to the western horizon right after sunset, said NASA astronomer Bill Cooke.

There will be a limited window to see the full celestial display, however. In Singapore, the sun will set at 7.13pm while Jupiter and Mercury will dip below the horizon just 40 minutes later, according to data from the Time and Date website.

The planets will stretch from the horizon line to around halfway up the night sky.

The five-planet spread can be seen from anywhere on Earth, as long as you have clear skies and a view of the west.

“That’s the beauty of these planetary alignments. It doesn’t take much,” Cooke said.

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