‘Kept in the dark’: Batang Kali landslide survivors urge authorities to release full investigation report

Ms Wong, whose close friend died in the landslide, said she still grapples with traumatic memories of the incident. Her friend, Mr Eric Wong Chai Chong, was found dead while hugging one of his three dogs. 

Ms Wong told CNA that Mr Wong, who was in his 60s, was with his dogs in a tent next to hers. She was in her tent with her own three dogs as well as another friend. 

When the landslide occurred, Ms Wong said she was awoken to a “very loud sound” and found herself trapped when soil and trees covered the tent she was sleeping in. 

“The soil had covered me and my friend couldn’t pull me out. The neighbours (at the camping ground) cut open the tent, lifted the trees and managed to pull me out,” she said, adding that all three of her dogs survived the landslide.

Two of them, however, had gone missing for a few days before being found close to the site.

“Since the incident, I have not taken the initiative to go hiking. I never expected to be affected in this way,” she told CNA. 

She said that she is reminded of the landslide each time she sees a hill or a mountainside that has been cleared.

“It brings back a lot of (memories of) what happened that night,” said Ms Wong, who is in her 40s. 

She added: “There have been a lot of ‘what if’ questions. What if it had happened in the afternoon, and not in the night when everyone was sleeping?” 

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