China’s Xi Jinping says determined to oppose Taiwan independence, will ‘never’ renounce right to use force

Xi also said China has achieved comprehensive control over Hong Kong, turning it from chaos to governance.

Beijing must ensure Hong Kong is ruled by patriots and it will support Hong Kong in integrating with the mainland, he said, adding that “one country, two systems” was the best system for Hong Kong and must be adhered to in the long run.

Xi said China will accelerate the building of a world-class military and strengthen its ability to build a strategic deterrent capability, adding that the country must adhere to the party’s absolute leadership of the military.

The Chinese President said Beijing opposed a “Cold War mentality” in international diplomacy, though he made no mention of frayed relations with the US.

“China … resolutely opposes all forms of hegemony and power politics, opposes the Cold War mentality, opposes interfering in other countries’ domestic politics, opposes double standards,” he said, claiming Beijing “will never seek hegemony and will never engage in expansion”.

Xi added that China had put “the people and their lives first” and won international praise when it came to dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

He said China had “protected people’s safety and health to the highest degree and achieved significant positive results in coordinating epidemic prevention and control and social and economic development”.

In recent days, Beijing has repeatedly emphasised its commitment to Xi’s zero-COVID strategy, dashing hopes among countless Chinese citizens as well as investors that the country might begin exiting anytime soon a policy that has caused widespread frustration and economic damage.

China will also unwaveringly support the private economy and let the market play a decisive role in resource allocation, said the Chinese president.

Xi said Beijing will aim for high-quality economic growth and the next five years will be crucial for building a modern socialist power.

He said China would solidly promote common prosperity, improve the system of wealth distribution and accelerate the development of a housing system based on both home rental and purchases.

China will “increase the income of low income-earners, expand the middle-income class, regulate the order of income distribution and regulate the mechanism of wealth accumulation,” Xi said.

He said China should step up building a housing system where people can buy and rent homes supplied by various entities and through multiple channels. 

Xi said his crackdown on corruption had eliminated “serious latent dangers” within the ruling party and military.

“The fight against corruption has won an overwhelming victory and has been comprehensively consolidated, eliminating serious latent dangers within the party, the state and the military,” Xi told CCP delegates, referencing a campaign critics have said has been used to curb dissent within the party.

China will also deepen patriotic education, he said, and actively guide religion to be compatible with a socialist society and maintain the principle of developing culture with socialist characteristics.

He also stressed that China must ensure national security and social stability.

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