China’s plan to tackle social inequality sees fresh push, despite early shocks

The swift crackdowns on businesses sparked concern among investors as it wiped out some industries, while driving high-net-worth individuals to park their assets abroad. 


A ban on after-school tutoring, for instance, effectively crippled the US$100 billion industry, as part of China’s double-reduction education reform to reduce students’ stress from schoolwork and extra classes outside. 

Career development advisor Chen Duanfa said the policy’s sudden introduction forced many tutors to turn elsewhere for stability.

In the past year, he has seen a surge in queries from private tutors looking to work in international schools. 
“Some teachers may consider how they have work experience in large tutoring companies, like New Oriental Education and Technology, and are thinking of how they can get a job in an international school,” said the 36-year-old, who works for an international school in Hangzhou and runs a WeChat account offering career advice to over 9,600 followers. 

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