AI scientists, carbon traders: EP applicants for jobs in shortage to get bonus points under new system

On the tech roles on the SOL, the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) said that tech skills continue to be in high demand both within and beyond the information and communications sector, as seen from MOM’s Job Vacancies Report 2022 released on Thursday.

“Tech roles including software developers continue to be in demand as ongoing digitalisation trends have led to sustained demand for tech skills. The wide variety of software languages used and required by companies within the (information and communications) sector and the wider economy also drives the demand for software developers,” said IMDA.

CNA has contacted other agencies for more details on some of the jobs on the list. 


Firms can get a further 10 bonus points for each EP submitted through the Strategic Economic Priorities (SEP) Bonus, which recognises firms undertaking ambitious investment, innovation, internationalisation, or company and workforce transformation activities.

To qualify for this, the firm must participate in one of the eligible programmes run by agencies and demonstrate commitment to developing the local workforce. Supported firms will be notified by MOM from end-July 2023.

There are a total of 15 programmes for this criteria, including the Economic Development Board’s Development and Expansion Incentive, and approved International Shipping Enterprise Award recipients by the Maritime & Port Authority of Singapore.

These firms will receive the SEP Bonus for up to three years. To continue receiving the bonus after three years, they have to score at least 10 points on the two COMPASS criteria for diversity and support for local employment.

A third list published on Friday by MOM relates to the criterion for qualifications, which gives candidates from top-tier institutions 20 points. Those with a degree-equivalent qualification get half that, or 10 points.

The top-tier institutions include the top 100 universities based on QS World University Rankings, and other highly reputed universities in Asia, Singapore’s autonomous universities and institutions that are highly recognised in a particular field.

MOM said that it will provide the lists on its website and a calculator for companies to assess the number of points they and their candidates can get under COMPASS.

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