5 off the beaten track places to visit in Japan and Taiwan

Located in Northern Japan, Miyagi is part of the Tohoku region that also includes Akita, Aomori, Fukushima, Iwate and Yamagata.

From Tokyo, you can get to the capital city of Sendai in about two hours via bullet train.

In autumn, the region’s lush greenery changes colour, painting the landscape in stunning red, orange and yellow hues.

Among the prime spots in Miyagi are the Akiu Otaki Falls, a 55m waterfall surrounded by foliage, and Naruko Gorge.

Take a walk along the tree-lined streets of Sendai and sample its famous beef tongue dishes, or take the Sendai Loople sightseeing bus and visit historical sights related to the warlord Date Masamune.

From Sendai, do a day trip to see Matsushima Bay, which is said to be one of the most scenic places in Japan. Admire its 260 pine-covered islands on a sightseeing cruise, or make your way up to higher ground for a more panoramic view.

Want a more unique experience? Try going on a sunset hot air balloon ride over the bay for a bird’s eye view of the islands.

Alternatively, you can get up close and personal with furry friends at the Zao Fox Village, a forest inhabited by foxes that visitors can walk through. 

Feed them in a special feeding area and there are two sessions a day when you are allowed to hold a fox for that shutter moment. 


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